Articles | Volume 13, issue 10
Review article
27 Oct 2021
Review article |  | 27 Oct 2021

A worldwide meta-analysis (1977–2020) of sediment core dating using fallout radionuclides including 137Cs and 210Pbxs

Anthony Foucher, Pierre-Alexis Chaboche, Pierre Sabatier, and Olivier Evrard

Data sets

Global review of 137Cs and 210Pbxs fallout used for dating sediment cores Anthony Foucher, Pierre-Alexis Chaboche, Pierre Sabatier, Olivier Evrard

Short summary
Sediment archives provide a powerful and unique tool for reconstructing the trajectory and the resilience of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems facing major environmental changes. Establishing an age depth–model is the first prerequisite of any paleo-investigation. This study synthesizes the distribution of two radionuclides classically used to this aim, providing a worldwide reference to help the scientific community reach a consensus for dating recent sedimentary archives.
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