Articles | Volume 13, issue 3
Review article
15 Mar 2021
Review article |  | 15 Mar 2021

A comparative study of anthropogenic CH4 emissions over China based on the ensembles of bottom-up inventories

Xiaohui Lin, Wen Zhang, Monica Crippa, Shushi Peng, Pengfei Han, Ning Zeng, Lijun Yu, and Guocheng Wang

Data sets China's anthropogenic methane emissions X. Lin, W. Zhang, M. Crippa, S. Peng, P. Han, N. Zeng, L. Yu, and G. Wang

Short summary
CH4 is a potent greenhouse gas, and China’s anthropogenic CH4 emissions account for a large proportion of global total emissions. However, the existing estimates either focus on a specific sector or lag behind real time by several years. We collected and analyzed 12 datasets and compared them to reveal the spatiotemporal changes and their uncertainties. We further estimated the emissions from 1990–2019, and the estimates showed a robust trend in recent years when compared to top-down results.
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