Articles | Volume 12, issue 2
Data description paper
20 Apr 2020
Data description paper |  | 20 Apr 2020

Lake and mire isolation data set for the estimation of post-glacial land uplift in Fennoscandia

Jari Pohjola, Jari Turunen, and Tarmo Lipping

Data sets

Land uplift modelling data including lake and mire isolation and archaeological data from Fennoscandia J. Pohjola, J. Turunen, and T. Lipping

Short summary
When modelling land uplift processes, there is a need for historical data in which dating, elevation and consequently spatial data are connected to the shore level at that time. In addition, human settlements were located above the seawater level in Fennoscandia. This information can be used to validate and update the post-glacial land uplift model. In this paper, a collection of data consisting of geological and archaeological data sets is presented.