Articles | Volume 12, issue 4
Data description paper
23 Nov 2020
Data description paper |  | 23 Nov 2020

Element and radionuclide concentrations in soils and wildlife from forests in north-eastern England with a focus on species representative of the ICRP's Reference Animals and Plants

Catherine L. Barnett, Nicholas A. Beresford, Michael D. Wood, Maria Izquierdo, Lee A. Walker, and Ross Fawkes

Data sets

Element and radionuclide concentrations in wildlife (including representative species of the ICRP's Reference Animals and Plants) and associated soils from forests in north-east England, 2015-2016. C. L. Barnett, C. Wells, M. Izquierdo, N. A. Beresford, and L. Walker

Short summary
This paper describes data from a study conducted in 2015–2016 to sample terrestrial wildlife, soil and water from two forests in north-eastern England. Sampling was targeted towards species representative of the International Commission on Radiological Protection’s (ICRP) terrestrial Reference Animals and Plants (RAPs): Wild Grass, Pine Tree, Earthworm, Bee, Rat, Deer and Frog. The dataset comprises stable-element and radionuclide activity concentrations.