Articles | Volume 11, issue 3
09 Sep 2019
 | 09 Sep 2019

Fifty years of recorded hillslope runoff on seasonally frozen ground: the Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada, dataset

Anna E. Coles, Jeffrey J. McDonnell, and Brian G. McConkey

Data sets

Swift Current Water Chemistry - Long Term Tillage Study - 1962-2011 Brian McConkey, Arumugam Thiagarajan

The Swift Current hillslopes, Saskatchewan: Digital elevation data Anna Coles, Mark Russell, Cuyler Onclin, Warren Helgason, Amber Peterson, Michael Solohub, Jeffrey McDonnell

Short summary
Long hydrological records from cold regions with seasonally frozen ground are rare. This paper presents a 50-year dataset from a site (the Swift Current hillslopes) on the Canadian Prairies. The dataset includes information on runoff, soil and water nutrient concentrations, snowpack, soil moisture, agricultural practices and topography. This is a valuable resource for water management and sustainability research, particularly for understanding land use and climate change impacts in cold regions.