Articles | Volume 10, issue 1
24 Jan 2018
 | 24 Jan 2018

Speleothem stable isotope records for east-central Europe: resampling sedimentary proxy records to obtain evenly spaced time series with spectral guidance

István Gábor Hatvani, Zoltán Kern, Szabolcs Leél-Őssy, and Attila Demény

Data sets

Speleothem stable isotope reference records resampled to evenly spaced time-series I. G. Hatvani, Z. Kern, and A. Demény

Short summary
Evenly spaced carbon and oxygen stable isotope records were produced from central European stalagmites. To mitigate the potential bias of interpolation, the variance spectra were carefully evaluated. The derived data are ready to use with conventional uni- and multivariate statistics, which are usually not prepared to handle the general characteristic of sedimentary paleoclimate records derived from geological sequences unevenly sampled in time.