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Review article
29 May 2015
Review article |  | 29 May 2015

Hydrological and meteorological investigations in a periglacial lake catchment near Kangerlussuaq, west Greenland – presentation of a new multi-parameter data set

E. Johansson, S. Berglund, T. Lindborg, J. Petrone, D. van As, L.-G. Gustafsson, J.-O. Näslund, and H. Laudon

Abstract. Few hydrological studies have been conducted in Greenland, other than on glacial hydrology associated with the ice sheet. Understanding permafrost hydrology and hydroclimatic change and variability, however, provides key information for understanding climate change effects and feedbacks in the Arctic landscape. This paper presents a new, extensive, and detailed hydrological and meteorological open access data set, with high temporal resolution from a 1.56 km2 permafrost catchment, with a lake underlain by a through-talik close to the ice sheet in the Kangerlussuaq region, western Greenland. The paper describes the hydrological site investigations and utilized equipment, as well as the data collection and processing. The investigations were performed between 2010 and 2013. The high spatial resolution, within the investigated area, of the data set makes it highly suitable for various detailed hydrological and ecological studies on catchment scale. The data set is available for all users via the PANGAEA database,

Short summary
This paper presents a hydrological and meteorological data set from the Kangerlussuaq region, western Greenland. The data set is used to conceptualize and model the hydrological system and constitutes an important platform in order to describe the exchange of water between the surface, active layer, the lake, and the underlying talik. The resulting hydrological model will be used as a basis for biogeochemical mass-balance and transport calculations of the terrestrial and limnic ecosystems.