Articles | Volume 5, issue 1
18 Feb 2013
 | 18 Feb 2013

Unmanned aircraft system measurements of the atmospheric boundary layer over Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica

S. L. Knuth, J. J. Cassano, J. A. Maslanik, P. D. Herrmann, P. A. Kernebone, R. I. Crocker, and N. J. Logan

Abstract. In September 2009, a series of long-range unmanned aircraft system (UAS) flights collected basic atmospheric data over the Terra Nova Bay polynya in Antarctica. Air temperature, wind, pressure, relative humidity, radiation, skin temperature, GPS, and operational aircraft data were collected and quality controlled for scientific use. The data have been submitted to the United States Antarctic Program Data Coordination Center (USAP-DCC) for free access (doi:10.1594/USAP/0739464).